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I (heart) ADAM SANDLER's Journal
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in I (heart) ADAM SANDLER's LiveJournal:

Sunday, November 26th, 2006
9:57 pm
NEW community!!!

Sandleresque is an Adam Sandler Icon and Graphics Challenge Community, we're just getting started so come, join, and have some fun!!!  

Sunday, May 14th, 2006
1:39 pm
High quality Saturday Night Live screencaps - 1326 from hosted by Tom Hanks and 632 from "Best of TV
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Friday, May 12th, 2006
11:35 am
Rob Schneider Community
Hi everyone!

I'm promoting my community for Rob Schneider here because, well... I figure people who like Sandler also likes Schneider as well.  Also, plus the fact that they are frat pack buddies in movies and appear along side in each other's films a lot.  I also love both of them and think they're really great actors.

So if you care to join, please do so. =) all_schneider.

Thank you and have a nice day! 


Current Mood: Yeah!
1:47 pm
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Adam Sandler screencaps
1180 screencaps from the Best of Adam Sandler SNL special

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Or check out the teasers...

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Check this list which is a complete list of everything I have ever screencapped with links to them.
Or just have a look at CapThat Screencaps - the screencap site.
Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
9:29 pm
man why dont people join? well heres some info i got off imdb.com about the hero adam sandler!

Adam Richard Sandler


5' 10" (1.78 m)

Mini biography
Adam Sandler was born on the 9th September 1966 in Brooklyn, New York to Jewish parents, Judy and Stanley. At 17, he took his first exhilarating step towards becoming a stand-up comedian when he spontaneously took the stage at a Boston comedy club. He found he was a natural born comedian. Adam nurtured his comedic talent while at New York University (He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1991.) by performing regularly in clubs and at universities; during his freshman year, he snagged a recurring role as The Huxtable's friend Smitty on "The Cosby Show" (1984). While working at a comedy club in L.A, he was "discovered" by Dennis Miller. Dennis caught Adam performing an act at the club one night and recommended him to "Saturday Night Live" (1975) producer, Lorne Michaels and told him that that Adam had a big talent. This led Adam on to a place on the show in 1990. As well as performing, Adam also wrote for the show. After "Saturday Night Live" (1975), Adam went on to the movies, starring in many hit movies, including Airheads (1994), Happy Gilmore (1996), Billy Madison (1995) and Big Daddy (1999). Adam will next be seen in the movies, Mr. Deeds (2002), alongside Winona Ryder, Eight Crazy Nights (2002) an animated movie about the Jewish festival of Chanukah and Punch-Drunk Love (2002). Adam also writes and produces many of his own movies. He has also composed songs for many of his movies, including the songs in The Wedding Singer (1998). Adam has also had many of his songs go on the Billboard Charts, including the classic song, "The Chanukah Song".


IMDb mini-biography by

Jackie Titone (22 June 2003 - present)


Trade mark
Often casts Allen Covert,' Peter Dante' , Jonathan Loughran and former SNL players in his films.

In most of his movies the leading lady's name starts with a "V" (Example: Vicki Vallencourt, Veronica Vaughn, Virginia Venit, Vanessa, Valerie...)

His characters often have a penchant for a particular brand name food (i.e. Snack Packs, Subway, Popeye's chicken, etc.)

Often plays a character with a bad temper, or a short fuse.


Adam's comedy album "Stan and Judy's Kid" set a record for most albums sold by a comedy album in its first week. It debuted at number 16 on the Billboard charts. All three of his previous comedy albums have gone platinum.

Graduated from New York University.

Grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire

Often casts Allen Covert, Blake Clark, Peter Dante, Jonathan Loughran, and former SNL players in his films.

Was originally cast for a role in Very Bad Things (1998).

In 1988, he was hired as a VeeJay for MTV's TV-trivia game show "Remote Control" (1987/II).

Dated actress Alicia Silverstone.

Is a fan of professional wrestling, and most of his self-written films have references to professional wrestling in them (the principal in Billy Madison (1995), Captain Insano in The Waterboy (1998), Chief Jay Strongbow's sleeper hold in Big Daddy (1999), mind-wrestling and Tommy 'Tiny' Lister--a.k.a. the WWF's Zeus--in Little Nicky (2000), etc). Sandler even appeared on "WWF Smackdown!" (1999) to promote Little Nicky (2000). Kevin Nash, Bill Goldberg, '"Stone Cold" Steve Austin' ; all professional wrestlers, appeared in Adam's recent film, The Longest Yard (2005).

Announced engagement to longtime girlfriend, model/actress Jackie Titone. [June 2002]

Ranked #35 in Premiere's 2003 annual Power 100 List. Had ranked #43 the previous two years.

His sister is a dentist.

Started Happy Madison Productions, which is behind most of his films.

His production company, Happy Madison, is named after two of his films, Happy Gilmore (1996) and Billy Madison (1995).

His beloved dog, Meatball, who also has a section on Adam's official site with photos and videos, passed away due to a heart attack, at 4 years old. He was the son of Mr. Beefy, the talking dog in Little Nicky (2000), Meatball was best "man" at Sandler's wedding, and was dressed in a tux, with a yarmulka on his head. [January 27 2004]

Is a major Yankee fan, refers to the team in some of his films especially - Anger Management (2003). He has also been known to have gone to games when the Yankees are playing.

He is a huge fan of Van Halen and Styx. There is usually a a reference or song in his movies.

He was originally set to play taxi driver Max in Collateral (2004) opposite Tom Cruise but he backed out to work on Spanglish (2004). Jamie Foxx was cast in Collateral (2004) instead. Foxx went on to be nominated for an Academy Award for the role.

Shares a birthday with Hugh Grant.

Was parodied by Jimmy Fallon on "Saturday Night Live" (1975).

Performed at the RNC (Republican national conference) in 2004

Was a Resident Advisor in Brittany Hall during his time at New York University

Spoke at Manchester Central High School's 2003 Graduation, the same school he graduated from. His nephew was one of three Valedictorians that year.

Attended WWE's Wrestlemania 21 at April 2005

His favourite bands ever are Van Halen and Styx

Has starred alongside Drew Barrymore in two movies: "The Wedding Singer" and "50 First Dates"

He and his wife Jackie are expecting their first child in the Spring of 2006.

Never does print interviews and very rarely does television interviews.

Adam wore an Armani tux in his June 2003 wedding to Jackie Titone.
Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
5:56 pm
we need more people!
Hey i love mr sandman and i think it would be great to meet him.
there made a entry
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